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Why Amana®?

A Home-Grown Brand

Homeowners have been relying on long-lasting Amana® brand products since 1934, when Amana, Iowa, native George Foerstner accepted the challenge of building a dependable beverage cooler. Since then, the Amana brand has enjoyed many firsts, including the first cold storage locker, the first nationally marketed upright freezer for home use, and the first portable countertop microwave oven.

Brothers has been a longtime seller and installer of the complete line of Amana heating and cooling products. Call Brothers for a free estimate on any Amana products today. We can usually install it the next day anywhere within our 35-mile radius of Charlotte.

The craftsmanship that goes into every Amana brand HVAC product is reflected in the outstanding limited warranty* coverage. From the technology behind the stainless steel tubular heat exchanger design to the inclusion of high-quality parts and components installed in all of our air conditioners and heat pumps, we remain committed to the Amana brand’s legacy of providing you with heating and cooling products that are built to last.

Outstanding Limited Warranty Protection*

If the heat exchanger fails to the original, registered homeowner during the first 10-years of operation, a new unit will be provided at no cost.*

If the compressor ever fails to the original, registered homeowner, a new compressor will be provided at no cost.*

All functional parts in all Amana brand residential equipment regardless of SEER or AFUE rating.*

*Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or at To receive the 10-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty, Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty (good for as long as you own your home), and 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation. Online registration not required in California or Quebec.

Brothers has your Amana heating or cooling products ready to install in your home.

Why Carrier®?

Get Comfortable with Carrier Home Comfort Systems

Life can be unpredictable. So when you’re home, your sense of comfort and relaxation should be just how you want it to be. Carrier helps millions of people take control of home comfort with innovative solutions ranging from furnaces to central air conditioners to air quality products.

Energy-Efficient Home Heating and Air Conditioning

We equip your home with products that are as efficient as they are reliable. From furnaces and central air conditioners to heat pumps and ductless systems, Carrier heating and cooling products are among the world’s most energy efficient.

Expert Installation

Even with products as reliable and efficient as Carrier’s, proper installation is critical to keeping you comfortable. Our independent contractors work with you before installation to custom design a solution that will meet the unique needs of your home – regardless of style, layout or size. And beyond installation, you can count on Carrier experts to be there to keep your system running at peak performance.

Quiet Consistency at Home

Carrier home comfort solutions can provide consistent temperature, humidity and air quality from room to room, hour to hour and minute to minute. Our quiet systems will not disrupt your routine. That means no loud noises when the furnace or air conditioning turns on and no worries about performance – just ideal comfort.
Brothers has a Comfort Consultant waiting to come and visit your home to give you a free estimate.
Brothers knows and carries the full line of fine Carrier comfort equipment.

Indoor Air Quality

Clean air is a key component of a healthy home. That’s why Carrier offers a wide range of air quality solutions, including humidifiers, ventilators, ultraviolet lamps, air filters and monitors. As part of your home heating and cooling solution, they can help reduce or even eliminate many allergens and harmful air pollutants – from dust and pet dander to chemical fumes and mold. Plus, our Healthy Air Experts are available to help you implement exactly the system you need to maintain a healthy, comfortable environment at home.

Why Lennox?

At Lennox, We Make People Feel Comfortable in Their Homes

We make the air cooler, warmer, dryer, cleaner and better, with innovative systems that are exceptionally quiet and energy efficient. All brought to you with the expertise and resources to serve you in the best possible way.

Brothers sells, services and installs the complete line of Lennox home heating and cooling equipment. Usually the next day after our free estimate.

Lennox offers some of the quietest, most efficient, most capable home heating, cooling and indoor air quality products you can buy. We stand behind these products with comprehensive warranty coverage designed to protect your investment and ensure your peace of mind.

Why Rheem®?

Brothers Richard and Donald Rheem founded Rheem Manufacturing Company in Emeryville, Calif., in 1925. While the company has produced a number of products in its nearly 100 years of operation — including steel shipping containers, household appliances like gas ranges, semi-conductors, musical instruments and more — Rheem today is the only manufacturer in the world that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products, and it is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America.

Brothers is a dealer of Rheem comfort products. Call one of Brothers comfort consultants to see which Rheem cooling and or heating products is right for you.

Brothers sells, services and install Rheem products, usually the next day.

Other Rheem-owned product lines include RUUD
Named for water heating pioneer and inventor of the first automatic gas water heater, Edwin Ruud, homeowners have relied on Ruud® brand products for more than 100 years to deliver proven quality and durability for their homes. With Ruud heating, cooling and water heating products, you get a history of doing things right and our word that you can Rely on Ruud.TM

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